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Your Vision & Mission

Developing a vision, mission, values, why statement is critical to your business success. This is your north star that you always come back to when deciding on products, services and client segment.

How to develop your vision, mission, values, why statements

We will walk your through an exercise to help you develop yours.


The company's vision statement shows its future view of the industry and itself. It contains the company's goals for the business, its employees and customers, along with its place in the world. A vision statement looks to the future and helps create a mental image of what the ideal business looks like. Businesses use vision statements to outline goals and appeal to talent within the industry that can help them reach those goals.


The company's mission is a statement that explains its overall purpose for existing. For example, a company may have a mission of changing the world, helping the poor or creating more sustainable business practices within a certain industry. Mission statements are typically action-oriented statements that are brief but powerful and help outline what the company hopes to accomplish.


A company's values are the core principles that help guide it toward its vision and help it complete its mission. For example, a company that sees itself going carbon negative within 10 years may embody the values of sustainability and community. The company values act as a moral guideline for the behaviors and actions of the business and its employees.


Your company "Why" is motivation you have that underlies your vision, mission, values statements. It's usually an emotion driven purpose for the company and triggers an emotional response.

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